SEO needs time and skills

SEO needs time and skills

Google objective with its search engine is  to rank the websites according to their own sets of rules. These are some of the factors it might use to value a web page rank.

  • Website Age: The date you bought your domain name. How long it has been active.
  • Keywords: They define what your content is about.
  • Back links: Other sites linking your content.

To improve your ranking you can:

  1. Focus on Keywords: Research what keywords suits the best your brand. For a website about Cat Food, which sells a particular brand of cat food, then i would search for the keywords like “cat food”, “healthy food for cats” and then write content about it to rank my website better.
  2. Content Length: Have at least 300 to 600 words per article. The bigger the article the bigger the ranking google may give you.
  3. Put the keyword in your page title. And in the meta description tag. Your page should only have 1 h1 tag and it should also contain the keyword you are ranking for.
  4. Insert internal links: You should link to  your best content. This helps you rank other pages from your site.
  5. Get back links: Back links are links from websites different than your own. You should have a Back Link Building Strategy. Google gives the highest value to back links to determine how good a website or post is.

Dwell time and bounce rate are indicators of quality of your content. If a visitor spends a long time on your website, it is probably providing him with the information he is looking for, so it gets a bonus point from Google. If he bounces immediately, it’s clearly not the right result, so it loses a point. Clickthrough rate tells Google that your site appears to answer the user’s query, therefore is potentially a good result for that search term.

Loading speed is more to do with user experience, and it should be taken into consideration when evaluating a website.

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