SEO needs maintenance

Websites  need maintenance. The same goes for SEO.⁣

A great SEO strategy will always need reviewing of the data you must be collecting, in order to ensure that you keep gaining page rank for your business. ⁣

A SEO audit is a standard procedure for your business. You must do a SEO audit frequently, to evaluate your marketing efforts and your ranking in Search Engines.⁣

The SEO Site Audit looks at all the primary things that search engines use to determine site rankings, assesses their current SEO quality and provides recommendations for how to improve your site SEO. It consists of:⁣

⁣ – Site Metadata Analysis⁣
– Content Audit
– Site Structure Analysis⁣
– URL Analysis⁣
– Image Optimisation⁣
– Page Headers, Subheaders and Internal Links⁣
– Site Speed Analysis and Improvement Recommendations⁣
– Sitemap Check⁣