Pinterest Grow

How to grow your Pinterest traffic

Here is a list of elements to consider for your Pinterest account, so you can bring more traffic to your website, social networks and make your brand grow.


1.- Organize your Boards


Create keyword focused Boards, make your your title and descriptions are unique and define correctly what the visitors may find on them. This will make it easier for people to decide to follow your brand. Delete boards that are not relevant and move pins to their correct boards.

Make consistent Board covers that use your branding colors. Break your Boards into Sub Boards for clarity. Create a “Best of” Board to share your best pins and your followers can know immediately whats your best content.

2.- Create Content  and Schedule it


One aspect some business owners have issues is creating content daily and lacking motivation to do so. You can outsource this  or do it yourself  but try to make a whole set of content in one go. Then just schedule it to go live during the week or month, and don’t worry so much in daily perspective. You should still engage with the community daily, but the content for your brand is already done and set on your social networks.

3.- Keywords


Pinterest power comes from being also a search engine. While using Rich Descriptions you can help your content by giving it the most relevant keywords it needs. For your own content, if you keep re pinning it, rewrite the descriptions each time to gather more keywords for it. Make a list of your business related keywords for your niche to keep a brand image. Do not forget to keep it personal, as this must be for human readers also not just an algorithm.


4.- Use the correct image size for Pinterest


In each social network you should use the image size they recommend. Its a size that fits better with their mobile app and they have the most optimization to make your image stand out. You can use Canva a design platform friendly for non-graphic designers they recommend 735px x 1102px as the size for Pinterest images..


5.- Facebook


Join pinterest groups where you can share content, ask around how to do stuff and help others with their questions too. I recommend to join them and take part of their community. Do not just go and spam, provide value and you will be good there.


6.- Tailwind


tailwind can help business owners to schedule pins and recommends the best time to post your content according to their fancy algorithm. It’s a Social Media tool that automates your pins, help you find content and schedules it too. It saves time for business owners, virtual assistants and bloggers so they can focus on other tasks that bring more money to their company’s.


7.- Tribes


Within Tailwind there is a number of tribes (groups inside tailwind) where you can pin content from and to. You drop content on them, and other schedule or pin your content. In exchange for you to schedule or pin theirs. This helps you keep your scheduler full with content and makes you engage with Pinterest community.