Social Media Optimization

Ghost followers on Instagram

Ghost Followers are the  users on Instagram who are inactive or do not engage with your posts. They are probably bots and will hurt your reach with your own content. Instagram detects your account with tons of ghost followers and bots. This makes you look like a bot. Your content gets less exposure, like it was hidden. The only solution is deleting these Ghost Followers and bots.

You want followers who interact and engage with your content. Engagement comes in various ways likes, sharing, commenting. The order of photos and videos in your Instagram feed is organized on the idea that you would like to see the content. Ghost Followers reduce the engagement on your content, making Instagram believe the content is worth less, and hiding it from true users.


How to identify to remove ghost followers?


You can start by looking for users with:

  1. No custom profile picture
  2. 0 posts
  3. 0 followers, or a High amount of followers but not people following them.
  4. Username looks fake, and is mostly numbers.

After removing them, your content will get more attention from real users and engagement will grow.